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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock Wiki Update
The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
Note: We just switched from BZR to Git on Github! (only to host the code and your future pull requests)
Information : The version displayed on this page is not the latest available.
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The Update applet will help you use the development version of Cairo-Dock. It's first goal is to manage the compilation of the BZR version, and have other few helpers like information on commits, or other usefull tools to develop for the dock or its applets.

It provides some actions that you can assign the way you like to buttons ans shortkeys.

Two user modes are available with different goals and actions:
    • Tester - Will be the default mode for most people. It provide an easy way to keep your Cairo-Dock at the latest version using the development branches.
      • Show versions : Compare your version with the trunk and see details on commits you miss. The version check can be run on a regular basis with a timer.
      • Update all : Download the latest versions and launch a full rebuild.
      • Download all : Download the latest version.
      • Build all : launch a full rebuild.
      • Toggle user mode : to easily swap between user modes.
    • Developer - With the same options and a lot more, it will help you work for the dock.
      • Toggle target : Allow you get a build target you can easily swap between the core and the defined module.
      • Show diff : opens a diff editor on the selected target (core or applets). The application can be managed (grab its icon and act as a launcher). Usefull to prepare patches for commit.
      • Set module name : Set your target module without opening the configuration.
      • Build actions : 5 different actions to compile what you need : target, one applet, core, all applets, and all = core + applets.

More actions are still to come,
    • Generate Report : will help you upload your compilation logs on dedicated sites and prepare a basic report for the Bzr forum.
    • Initial branches download : Set up a working directory and install dependencies if possible.
    • Use a specified branch : pull other branches and revert to core.

Use :
Open settings and configure your core and plug-ins sources directories. Configure the buttons actions, and you're ready. Other actions will be available using the right click menu.

Informations :
It's a new module, and I the first in Golang, so you may still expect bugs. But as it is really stable, I guess it can start its
seem already nice enough for everyone to use it. If you are using the bzr version, please give it a try.
It still lacks some startup options to download branches if needed, and a lot of documentation.

As I'd like to make it an adviceable choice to tell users how to compile a BZR version or report problems, I'm open for any comment, idea or test.

I'd also like to add a few actions that would grep the system informations we need for some common problems, like display, package versions, or desktop environment.

Show versions popup :

Tester menu

Developer menu

Configuration pages

What you will need : Sources directory
Currently, it can't install a dev environment, you will have to do it yourself as usual, or using the bzr script. Once you have a dir that contains the cairo-dock-core and cairo-dock-plugins folders, open the applet config, fill the Sources folder setting, check it is set as expected, and save.

Dependencies :

Installation :
cd ~/.config/cairo-dock/third-party
bzr pull lp:~sqp/cairo-dock-plug-ins-extras/CairoBzr

Compilation (if needed) :
There is a compile.sh script included that will rebuild the applet. (option -r will reload the applet if you want to hack it)
cd ~/.config/cairo-dock/third-party/CairoBzr

Known problems :
SUDO Password

To remove the popup asking for your password after compilation, you need to edit
the /etc/sudoers file (edit with visudo as root) and add the line (replace
YOUR_USERNAME with your correct username) :


Warning launchpad users ! Problem loading BZR Password

I don't know why bzr ask for your password for basic tasks on public branches
when you have defined a name in it's config, but here is a way to only have to
set it once per session. Just load your ssh ID with ssh-agent. It depends on which key file you use :
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_dsa
# or
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

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