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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock Wiki Launchers
The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
Note: We just switched from BZR to Git on Github! (only to host the code and your future pull requests)
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The launchers are icons that when clicked on will execute an application. Not to be confused with the Container which contains Launchers as well as other containers)

Adding new Launchers

You have 3 ways to do it :

1/ Add an existing .desktop file (pre made launcher from Gnome) : Right click on the Launcher section of the dock and choose "Add a Launcher"

A file browser will open and will initially point to /usr/share/app-install. In the subdirectory desktop are all the .desktop for the application installed by Ubuntu. You can choose several of them in this directory (CTRL+click to select several). Next Valid and Cairo-Dock will import and load them all in one go automatically. You can of course go to another directory if you have desktop file somewhere else on you disk.

2/ Start from Scratch : Right click on the Launcher section of the dock and choose "Add a Launcher"

The same browser will open. This time select New. That window will close and another one will open. It contains a little form to fill in the details of your launcher (See [Modify a Launcher] for more detail). After validating the new launcher is created and loaded by Cairo-Dock!

3/ Use Drag-and-Drop : From the Gnome Application menu (or Nautilus or anything else) drag an application and drop it where you wish on the dock. A launcher will be automatically added by Cairo-Dock.

Modify a Launcher

Click on an icon and select the "Modify this Launcher". A new window will open containing all the fields from that launcher. Here is the list of the useful ones :

  • Its name : This is the label that will appear above the icon. This field can exist in several languages, but Cairo-Dock will present one according to your local setting.

  • The command to be executed when the icon is clicked.

  • The name of the picture to be used for the icon. See below to find out how Cairo-Dock finds the icons for an application

  • Its order : A number to allow the classification of the applications. A launcher with a higher number than another one will be located after that one.

  • The name of its container : This is the name of the container where the icon will be loaded. The default one is "_MainDock_".

  • A box to tick specifies if that icon should be a container or just be a simple launcher. If it is to be a Container then the field containing the command to execute is not used. (see [WWW] Add containers in "Tips and Tricks" section)

Removing a Launcher

Click on an icon and select the "Remove this Launcher" and select Yes in the confirmation window. That's it you have disintegrated your Launcher

Note: If the Launcher was a container and contained another dock with icons in it then these icons will either be destroyed or distributed in the main dock depending on what you answered in the confirmation window.

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