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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock Wiki From SVN
The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
Note: We just switched from BZR to Git on Github! (only to host the code and your future pull requests)
Information : The version displayed on this page is not the latest available.
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From SVN


Caution: this version is regarded as unstable and can present fatal bugs
Use at your own risk
And stay updated

Mav wrote a script (cairo-dock_svn.sh) which allows the installation and the update via SVN and avoids the tiresome steps for the recovery of the sources and the installation. Moreover, the script will automatically install all the packages necessary for the compilation (the same ones as those described in the part "By compilation").

First installation

Open a Terminal, start by creating a specific repertory (for example /opt/cairo-dock_svn):

sudo mkdir /opt/cairo-dock_svn
cd /opt/cairo-dock_svn

Then get the script, make it executable and launch it:

wget http://cairo-dock.vef.fr/cairo-dock_svn.sh
sudo chmod u+x cairo-dock_svn.sh

The SVN Password will be required: JUST PRESS ENTER.

To finish, enter your own password when the script requires it of you in order to proceed to the installation.

A message is posted with each installation of modules and the final message indicates if everything went well. If not consult the log.txt file in the repertory which you have created at the beginning (/opt/cairo-dock_svn). Look at the end to locate the problem, then post it on the forum.

Update a svn version already installed

Open a Terminal, in the specific file which you had created with the first installation (in our /opt/cairo-dock_svn example) and start the script again:

cd /opt/cairo-dock_svn

Press ENTER when the svn PASSWORD is requested

If an update is found, enter your own password, otherwise the message “No update available” will appear and the script will exit.

Note: Mav's script “auto-update”, therefore each time you launch it, it will seek the last version of script available…

To "force” update of version SVN (for example if a plugin were badly installed), launch the script in the following way:

cd /opt/cairo-dock_svn
./cairo-dock_svn.sh --force-install


You can create a launcher in Cairo-Dock to execute the script… For that, create a new launcher (Right Click on the dock and select “Add a launcher”). Click on “New” and Enter this:

- Name of the launcher (example) : Cairo SVN Update

- Command to execute at the click :
gnome-terminal --working-directory=/opt/cairo-dock_svn/ -e "./cairo-dock_svn.sh"

(change your "working-directory" if necessary

- Directory of the picture :
(your most beautiful icon !)

Validate!!! and just click on your new icon to update your svn version.

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