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The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
Note: We just switched from BZR to Git on Github! (only to host the code and your future pull requests)
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[Locked] Cairo-Dock / GLX-Dock 3.3 is now available
fabounet English 4 Guest [Read]
29 November 2014 à 16:54

fabounet, Friday 11 October 2013 à 01:17

Subscription date : 30 November 2007
Messages : 17118
It's done !

The article here:

The detailled changelog below

@Matttbe: I've reworked the images, so that they are all consistent (same theme and desktop)
The images that were in the folder are in a "old" sub-folder, if you want to reuse them for an article to a blog for instance

fabounet, Friday 11 October 2013 à 01:20

Subscription date : 30 November 2007
Messages : 17118
The Cairo-Dock team (Fabounet, Matttbe, plus all the people who contributed with patches, bug-fixes, ideas and themes) is proud to announce the release of Cairo-Dock 3.3.

Here are the main changes of this version:
  • Added a search entry in the Applications Menu. It allows to rapidly look for programs from their name or their description
  • Added support of logind in the Logout applet
  • Better integration in the Cinnamon desktop
  • Added support of the StartupNotification protocol. It allows launchers to be animated until the application opens and avoids accidental double launches
  • Added an new third-party applet: Notification History to never miss a notification
  • Upgraded the Dbus API to be even more powerful
  • A huge rewrite of the core using Objects

Other changes:
  • Core:
    • Cairo-Dock Session:
      • Support Gnome Session 3.8
      • When launching it for the first time and if Compiz is running, enable a staticswitcher (Alt+Tab) if no switcher is enabled
    • Default themes: added a few default apps for XFCE
    • Dialogues:
      • Prevent dialogues from going out of the screen if the WM doesn't handle this
      • Close the sub-dock if a dialogue overlaps it
      • Fixed a bug that made the background of the widgets inside the dialogue visible
    • Docks:
      • Fixed a bug that made a sub-dock hide itself when placed in the top left corner of the screen
      • Fixed a bug that prevented sub-docks to hide in specific conditions
    • GUI: settings about images: used the image selector widget instead file selector widget
    • OpenGL:
      • Created a backend for the OpenGL interfaces (can be useful for a future support of other OpenGL interfaces)
      • The Intel 4000HD is now blacklisted (except if 'cairo-dock -o' command is used) due to this annoying bug
    • Tests: Added a test framework, and several tests
    • Theme packager: added the possibility to select another output directory and added a message if there is an error
    • Windows:
      • Isolated a lot of functions linked to X11 (can be useful for a future support of Wayland or Mir)
      • If a window has no type and is not transient (e.g. windows of xterm, lxterm, uxterm, and rxvt), keep it on the taskbar
    • Misc:
  • Plug-ins:
    • Applications Menu:
      • Added support of ezame, a new Menu Editor
      • Added an option to not load settings.menu file (can be useless or it duplicates menu sections on some systems)
      • Set the desktop environment to correctly exclude apps
    • Clipper: In some cases the history was not saved before the end of the session
    • Clock:
      • Support login1 for the 'resuming' signal
      • ICAL: Check if a task a valid before adding it
    • DBus:
      • Interface: Python: fixed a crash if no translation file is found for this domain
      • Installation: Python: support DESTDIR env var
    • Drop to Share:
      • Added Imgur.com support
      • Fixed imageshack.us and uppix.com support
      • Improved error messages
      • Added the possibility to translate some dedicated menus
      • Fixed the title of the Text items in the History menu
    • Indicator-applet3 (Indicator-Generic):
      • Added support of new Indicator Services (Indicator-NG, installed in /usr/share/unity/indicators)
      • Added a workaround to draw the correct image after a short delay if the image is not yet ready.
    • Logout:
      • Lock Screen: added support of cinnamon-screensaver, all [smthg]-screensaver daemons and light-locker
      • Added the possibility to switch user with a custom command
      • Fixed switch user when using GDM
      • Displayed a warning message if it's not possible to reboot/shutdown.
    • Mail: Added the possibility to use a specific icon for each account
    • Note-taking: improve the window to edit notes
    • Notification area: Hide the icon if there is no item (if there is nothing to display)
    • PowerManager:
      • Better handle the case where a device is added/removed
      • Capacity: used the sum and not the average of all batteries
      • Label: used shorter string for the label and start with the percentage (should be better when displaying the dock in a vertical position where labels have a maximum size)
    • Recent-event:
      • Support both Zeitgeist-1.0 and Zeitgeist-2.0
      • Dialogue: used a longer search bar (expanded and filled)
      • Update the result each time a new key is pressed
    • Switcher: listen to more events to correctly update the icon when a window is moved/minimised/created/...
    • Terminal: Added a few more options: scrollback, scroll on output/keystroke, custom font
    • Weather: URL for the detailed weather has changed
    • Wifi:
      • If we don't want the quickinfo: refresh the icon too
      • Used the full path for iwconfig
  • Third Party:
    • Calendar:
      • Used 'cal' if 'ncal' is not available
      • Added a theme selector: default, faenza, custom
    • Deluge & KTorrent: translated torrents info message
    • GMail: reduce the number of update of the icon/quickinfo (do that only if it's needed)
    • Google: Parser: if the URL can changed: with or without '/url' (it depends of the country)
    • Moon: fixed a few bugs:
      • Added the possibility to translate the label (days)
      • When using a subdock for the next 7 days, also change the main icon
      • Added the possibility to use other icons in different formats (only in the directory of the applet)
      • Removed duplicated code
    • Screensaver inhibitor: only list processes of the current user
    • Translator: invert languages when scrolling
    • Transmission:
      • Added the possibility to display the remaining time of the slowest active torrent as quick-info
      • Improved torrents info dialogue
      • Fixed a possible crash if Transmission has never been launched before
    • Twitter: Updating to the API 1.1
    • Websearch:
      • Fixed Google, Flickr and Bing search.
      • Removed Webshots (no longer available) and Twitter (api has changed).
      • List of results now shows the search engine's logo if is not a thumbnailable link icon.
    • Misc:
      • Added the possibility to translate the name of the applet
      • Fixed some compatibilities with Python 3 (some applets still need Python 2 - feel free to help us )

How to install this new version?
If you want to install this new version, tarballs are available there:

For Ubuntu users: our repository and PPA have been updated. If you want to use our ppa, simply execute these commands in a terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

For Debian users: our repository will be updated soon! http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=From%20the%20repository&lang=en#3-Debian
Other: please have a look there: http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=Accueil&lang=en#0-Installation

Note that if you like this work, don't hesitate to help us by reporting bugs, by donating with Paypal or Flattr, by translating the dock, by proposing new themes or new patches, by proposing new ideas, by posting an article on your blog, or simply by writing a little comments on our forum
More information: http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=How%20to%20help%20us&lang=en
And if you want to follow us, there are a few ways: http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=Follow%20Us&lang=en

Thank you to all contributors! Specially Fabounet for this great work again But also all contributors mentioned here above, our forum members, all translators on Launchpad, all people who have donated on Paypal or Flattr, proposed new ideas, reported bug, posted articles, screenshots and screencasts everywhere, etc. (so all people who have contributed to the dock to make it better )

Fabounet (Fabrice Rey) and Matttbe (Matthieu Baerts) for the Cairo-Dock team.

matttbe, Friday 11 October 2013 à 22:54

Subscription date : 24 January 2009
Messages : 12573
@fabounet: thank you for having posted this message!

Guest, Monday 03 November 2014 à 17:31

Love your dock!

Guest, Saturday 29 November 2014 à 16:54

Love your dock!

Official announcements | Annonces officielles

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[Locked] Cairo-Dock / GLX-Dock 3.3 is now available
fabounet English 4 Guest [Read]
29 November 2014 à 16:54

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