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Stacks: a shortcut plugin for your files! + Bonus

Author ppmt, Monday 26 May 2008 à 01:31
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Note: this article is a translation. You can find its original version written by ChAnGFu here

Hello everybody!

I would like to present you with a new applet I am working on (ed: ChanGFu not me!) which most likely will be included in the next version of Cairo-Dock: the Stacks applet.

As the title say it is designed to control you file and directories shortcuts.

Its creation is due to an internal pressure group (Nochka85 being their leader!). I had to do under verbale tortures as well as vision of screenshots containing women in bikini....Very hard to concentrate under condition like that!!!

The applet also integrate an advanced monitoring function of your directories and you can choose to display or not hidden files as well as filter files per types (pictures, videos, music, applications, etc...)

To top it all it will allow the geekest among us to use the Compiz Wallpaper plugins to display a different pictures on each virtual desktop while still having the content of a directory (for example ~/Bureau) displayed as a desklet on thes virtual desktops..

Nochka85 will I am sure make a point to document the tips and trick section of the wiki or in the forum

Here is a little preview of what has been done:

The desklet part that is part of the plugins has not yet been developed. I will make a screenshot for the "final" release of the applet.

A small Bonus:
Fabounet our Guru created a little function to allow a very user-friendly drag and drop


Yes a drop indicator! note that for extra cool it is animated! And of course the indicator picture is configurable!

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