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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock Blogs list Cairo-Dock in English! GLX-Dock 2.3 enters beta
The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
Note: We just switched from BZR to Git on Github! (only to host the code and your future pull requests)

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GLX-Dock 2.3 enters beta

Author fabounet, Saturday 22 January 2011 à 03:11
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3 months after its previous release, GLX-Dock 2.3 enters beta !

What's new?
This version was the occasion to refactor a fair amount of the core.
GLX-Dock is now built on top of libgldi (for GL Desktop Interface), which will also be used for another project: GLX-Desklet. Having a minimalistic core ensure better stability and performances, and less bugs.

New features
Of course a lot of new features come along with this new version:
- The System-Monitor applet can now monitor CPU's temperature and fans speed.
- The Logout applet now warns you when the computer needs to be restarted.
- The menus have a better layout and if you lock the dock, most of entries are hidden.
- The Slider is much faster to load a huge number of images.
- A unified icon settings window helps configuring all the launchers/applets/docks/desklets in a short time.
- ...

The items config window.

New interface
But the most important one is probably the arrival of a new interface for applets.
Interfaces allow you to write an applet in many languages. Currently, Python, Ruby, Vala, Mono and even Bash are supported. Java and Perl could be added easily as well. Now writing an applet for GLX-Dock is so easy that it will take you only few lines of code and few minutes!
Note that the applets will work for any program based on libgldi.

This has lead to a huge boost in the number of available applets. We now have:
- applets for all the menus: GnoMenu, MintMenu, Cardapio, and even Lancelot for KDE users
- applets for most of the bittorrent downloaders: Transmission, Deluge, and - once again KDE users have not been left behind - KTorrent
- a "Quote of the Day" applet
- a Translator applet

The Transmission applet running.

The project has even set up its own applet repository; you can install new applets by simply dragging and dropping them onto the dock.
These applets have several advantages: you don't need root password to install them, you can only install the ones you need, you can easily modify them, and they will never crash the dock or even freeze it.
So, there applets can be seen as "super launchers", that can talk to the application they represent, and display the info to you inside the dock.

New themes
2 new themes are also available: Japan-2 and MeeGo. You can try them from the Theme Manager. But a few other themes has to be added on our servers!

The MeeGo theme: clear and efficient!

A video
Check out this video for a short demonstration of the latest beta!

Do you want to give it a try?
To try this beta release, you can use our Weekly ppa or by compiling the latest revision with the sources From BZR

EDIT: if you want to try our new plug-ins extras: launch this command after having installed bzr package
cd ~/.config/cairo-dock && rm -r third-party && bzr checkout --lightweight lp:cairo-dock-plug-ins-extras third-party
(only with the beta release)

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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock Blogs list Cairo-Dock in English! GLX-Dock 2.3 enters beta Top

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