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Cairo on XFCE session
tushantin English 6 Guest [Read]
16 August 2017 à 04:36

tushantin, Wednesday 24 October 2012 à 20:32 | Quote

Subscription date : 24 October 2012
Messages : 1
Hello, there!

I've always used Cairo dock from Karmic distro onwards; after Unity arrived, I didn't need to use it anymore. That soon changed when Unity seemed to take too much system resource on my Intel Atom netbook, and I found myself stuck with Xubuntu. After noticing the article at WebUpd8, I decided to give Cairo another try, and noticed that it now supported an alternative session for its own dock and Unity API.

But the problem is, I don't intend to install Gnome / Unity on my netbook, and Cairo session doesn't load without it. I could use Cairo directly on XFCE, but I don't intend to lose my panels either (I prefer these modified panels as "safe mode").

Is it possible to have a separate Cairo session depending on XFCE instead? If so, how do I do that?

fabounet, Thursday 25 October 2012 à 01:25 | Quote

Subscription date : 30 November 2007
Messages : 17164
sure, you can !

the cairo-dock session is made for Gnome/Unity, but you can easily make one for any desktop.
you just need to create an X session that will start cairo-dock and all the program you need on startup (the window manager, etc); sessions are located in /usr/share/xsessions;
a session is juste a .desktop file with an "Exec" command, that will launch either a session manager (like gnome-session or xfce-session) or a simple script (which will launch the programs you need on startup).
take a look at this project if you want more details

matttbe, Thursday 25 October 2012 à 22:52 | Quote

Subscription date : 24 January 2009
Messages : 12628
Or you can also launch the dock on XFCE and remove panels (I guess you just have to edit a gconf/dconf key or a config file)

Guest, Saturday 12 August 2017 à 03:09 | Quote

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Cairo on XFCE session
tushantin English 6 Guest [Read]
16 August 2017 à 04:36

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